As millions of end-of-life (ELT) tyres are dumped every day, and landfills posing serious health concerns, safety, and environmental consequences due to the unimaginable amount of CO2 emission to the atmosphere year after year, it is clear that the need to manage and reduce waste is vital and urgent.

Committed to driving sustainability with tyre recycling, we strive to make a difference by creating more green initiatives and choosing the best processes from the intake of ELT tyres to the production of new, recyclable, and high-quality materials.

By repurposing old tyres into higher-value end products, we are efficiently reducing the environmental impact of throwing them away into our waterways and landscapes. Avoiding the risks of combustion and the emission of toxic gas and chemicals caused by stockpiled tyres set alight, and conserving energy by removing the need to make materials from scratch.

To recycle discarded tyres, we utilise threshing, or the process of grinding tyres into small rubber crumbs that are mixed together with new rubber, natural fibers, and recycled synthetic fibers to produce low carbon-coloured textiles as a substitute material.