Who we are





We give old and unwanted tyres new life long after they have stopped spinning our world around and left the road. 

Our deep-rooted desire to turn a global predicament into a revolutionary recycling initiative empowered us to utilise technology, leverage our resources, and work with a dedicated community of fellow sustainability advocates to reimagine the way we use tyres. 

Developed with society in mind, our unique, cost-effective, and planet-friendly solution will make it easy for everyone with piles of rugged plastic, rubber, and metal tyres to get rid of them with minimal effort.

Recycle, Reuse, Renew: Repurposing Tyres into Sustainable Solutions.

Tyre Initiative is dedicated to diverting tyres from landfills and turning them into something worthwhile and sustainable. From civil and commercial construction products to farming materials,  Tyre Initiative successfully unlocks the promise of a new and improved future for our planet.